DUP need to realise power sharing is over before they are tempted into more concessions

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I feel the time has come for the unionist people to face up to the fact that the Belfast Agreement is finished.

As Alex Kane said in his article last week there is no agreement!

Unionism and republicanism are two diametrically opposed ideologies.

This experiment is over and the DUP and Arlene Foster need to acknowledge that before they are tempted into any more concessions.

There is no need for an Irish language act as everyone in Northern Ireland speaks English, and though some nationalists have a knowledge of Irish they would just not wish to be forced into using it any more than their unionist neighbours.

With regards to same sex-marriage, people who have strong religious beliefs and whose faith is based on the Holy Bible will never, ever accept it whether Brokenshire flies the Rainbow flag and the PSNI jump on the bandwagon or not.

If these people want to be taken seriously, surely the grotesque display last Saturday, when people paraded dressed like clowns, does nothing for their campaign.

I am aware that the views I express will not be popular.

However, I believe there is no more room for manoeuvre and I am fearful that there are signs of weakening within the DUP, and they are under considerable pressure from Sinn Fein, the Irish government and Theresa May’s government to do something to get the Executive up and running.

We are all told that we need our own government but it has not been working for six months and nobody misses it.

What legislation has it passed in the last 10 years other than a bill about caravans?

Brexit is what is worrying Sinn Fein as it cements the border more firmly than ever so they will not be wavering on watering down their demands.

I’ll finish by quoting Enoch Powell’s advice to unionists, forget about your own government, cling closer to Westminster and you won’t go wrong.

Our Westminster MPs have done well, Nigel Dodds and his team deserve praise, so let’s concentrate on supporting them to present our case and forget about Stormont and the shenanigans that goes on there.

It has served its purpose and stopped the IRA murdering people.

Mrs EM Smyth, Castlewellan