DUP props up Tories on public sector policies

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I am absolutely appalled by the DUP’s position on supporting this Tory government, and in particular, the braying and laughing that occurred when the DUP supported the Tories in continuing this relentless attack on emergency service workers.

I’ve been a firefighter for 30 years and I have supported the people of this Province through many significant events.

I, and my colleagues, do this without fear or favour.

The emergency services have attended to harrowing events across this province, many of us suffer with the effects of our past, yet at the first opportunity the DUP betray us with their cosy deal with morally bankrupt Tories.

The poor and vulnerable continue to be exploited as is evident from the disturbing Grenfell tower events. No matter what way this is portrayed or how much smoke is blown or how many mirrors are used to manipulate the truth, these poor people have been betrayed by those in power trusted to discharge the responsibilities of public office.

The DUP may think they have played a clever game in their negotiations with Teresa May yet at the very first hurdle your MPs betrayed all of the emergency services of this province.

Can I ask what you have done to deserve your continue pay rises, pensions and perks?

There is a DUP MLA who is very well aware of who I am and what I and my colleagues have contributed to a safe community.

You should all hang your heads in shame.

Mr SG, Ballyclare