DUP scared of Alliance win in East Belfast


In an article last week, Sammy Wilson suggested East Belfast would elect a unionist designated MP simply because the DUP said so.

This latest outburst did little to quash speculation that the DUP is running scared of another Alliance victory in an area they openly believe belongs to them.

Unable to attack Naomi Long’s impressive record at Westminster — where she has proven the effective change a single MP can enact — the nervous DUP was left to revert back to divisive rhetoric.

Throughout his barrage of abuse, Mr Wilson failed to mention this election having no effect on our constitutional position.

And when it comes to the Union Flag, Naomi Long wants to see it flown with respect and dignity — much like the unionist-backed designated days policy at Stormont.

As they continue to get caught up in their obsession to take East Belfast back, the DUP has lost sight of the fact it is the voters, not them, who have the right to elect the constituency’s next MP.

As for his reference to Jeremy Clarkson, I would remind Sammy Wilson that the only knock-our blow Mr Clarkson delivered was to his own career, leaving the status quo to continue.

Peter McReynolds

North Belfast