DUP should target SF on education


Under the stewardship of a Sinn Fein minister for education, the same families have been let down generation after generation.

Education policy has been implemented based on narrow ideology rather than what is best for all our children. Therefore I was saddened to see the DUP direct their caustic comments at the Ulster Unionist Party rather than hold their partners in government to account. The DUP would be better advised to work for the benefit of all our children and cut out the cynical electioneering over such an important issue.

After all, the DUP promised in previous election manifestos that they would stop ministers going on solo runs, yet John O’Dowd and Sinn Fein have run rings around them at the expense of our children’s education. It’s time the DUP got their priorities right.

I was deputy chairperson of the Stormont Education Committee and spoke to parents, teachers and educationalists about the damage being done by the Sinn Fein Education Minister. It’s time that something was done about it.

Danny Kinahan, South Antrim MP