DUP was absent until salary debate


I, like many other unionists was appalled at the antics of DUP members in the Assembly when my party leader’s SPAD bill was presented last week.

Prior to the vote on Mr Allister’s proposals, the eerie absence of members was noticeable, despite debates on autism and other health issues taking place. I find it reprehensible that the smash Sinn Fein party then turned up, en masse, to stand with the representatives of the same republican movement to protect the number of special advisers and their exorbitant remuneration. It was later admitted that the majority of the thousands paid to SFIRA advisors goes into their party kitty to meet the costs of the coming election in the Irish Republic.

It is hard to come to any other conclusion than that the DUP are concerned on sustaining SFIRA in executive government, despite their posturing over the recent IRA murder, and protecting the endless supply of pieces of silver flowing into their sullied hands.

This week, the ‘independent’ report will be presented to provide the cover they require to crawl back into the arms of their bosom buddies and afford them another opportunity to pull the wool over they eyes of the many victims across the Province. Shame on the DUP, and shame on anyone forgetting this next May.

Stephen Cooper, TUV councillor, Comber