DUP wrong to go into power with SF


In Sammy Wilson’s recent opinion (Sammy’s Soapbox, March 14) he lambasts Sinn/Fein for refusing to support the Welfare Reform Bill as part of the Stormont House Agreement which they signed up to along with the other parties in the Executive and he states that their behaviour is that of cowboys who cannot be trusted as they are “as slippery as a jelly eel and as trustworthy as Tony Blair”.

While I and indeed all unionists would agree with these comments it is strange coming from Sammy Wilson who along with his colleagues in the DUP chose to enter government with the Sinn Fein cowboys in 2007. Why would anyone enter government with a party which they couldn’t trust and after all it was the DUP who pledged to smash Sinn Fein in 1985 and they also stated that they would never enter government with Sinn/Fein right up until 2006.

Did Sammy and the DUP really believe that Sinn Fein had changed and if so what an error of judgement. Sammy quite rightly questions the trustworthiness of former Prime Minister Tony Blair but yet again the judgement of Sammy and the DUP was found wanting as they chose to go along with the persuasive powers of Tony Blair in their support for the St Andrews Agreement in 2006 while they were well aware that Tony Blair misled Parliament in 2003 alleging that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which could attack the United Kingdom.

This led to the Iraq War and the world is now witnessing the folly of this decision with the rise of radical Islamic State [IS] terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

The people of Northern Ireland are now experiencing the result of the DUP entering government with Sinn/Fein as this administration at Stormont is delivering nothing, only bad government with gridlock and crisis after crisis while West of the Bann in Super Councils such as Mid Ulster Unionists are having to endure Sinn Fein politicise the Irish Language with its usage on council logos, stationery, vehicles and buildings while refusing to allow the sale of poppies on council property.

I don’t nor never have trusted Sinn Fein or Tony Blair for that matter.

What a pity Sammy and the DUP chose to trust them.

Walter Millar

TUV Cookstown