Each issue in the talks must be dealt with individually

Operating Room''Accident and Emergency, A+E, A&E, Hospital.
Operating Room''Accident and Emergency, A+E, A&E, Hospital.

The nonsensical notion that the key issues of budget/welfare reform, flags, parades and addressing the horrors of terrorism past and present must be considered collectively as part of any agreement, beggars belief.

Each issue must be dealt with individually if agreement is to be made as opposed to the normal ‘fudge’ agreements.

Maybe this practice suits most parties as they then can argue that we did our best but the others refused to compromise.

The failure of the Executive to reach a consensus on budget/welfare reform, highlighted by the presence of the prime minister and others outside the jurisdiction of the UK, raises questions around the competence of those we have elected to represent us in dealing with important financial affairs that affect us all.

This is further exacerbated now that Gerry Adams has affirmed what many already knew as to how Sinn Fein see unionism and the revelation of Sinn Fein’s Trojan Horse, equality.

It raises another serious question; does Sinn Fein have another Trojan horse with regard to welfare reform and the budget?

Could it be unification through bankruptcy of Northern Ireland?

The gravy train appears to have a few more unopened treasure chests, but what will the cost to us be and future generations because of this inaction?

In dealing with flags, parades and addressing the horrors of terrorism past and present, is no longer as straightforward as some might think as the Trojan horses are now rampant.

Martin McGuinness’s desperation for a collective agreement as soon as possible, primarily because of his party leader’s, unexpected and for Sinn Fein unwelcomed comments with regard to unionism and the Trojan horse of equality, is evident.

Let’s give Gerry Adams credit for telling the truth and encourage him to continue to be open and transparent as the current talks should also be.

Previous prime ministers, presidents and even the present will have grasped the reality of Gerry Adams comments and that is why there is so much pressure to reach an agreement.

It looks within this round of talks it is more of the same, as attempts to resurrect the failed Hass ideas are bandied around. Have our elected representatives learned nothing from the past failed attempts?

If truth be told, many wish we would just disappear or keep silent so they can airbrush over terrorism as many it would appear want to happen.

Rev Alan Irwin