Eamonn McCann: We need an all-Ireland Nama probe

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Nelson McCausland is sitting pretty while Daithí McKay is out on his ear.

This shows how distorted the Stormont set-up has become.

It is also a telling indication of how compliant Sinn Fein leaders are willing to be in efforts to placate the DUP and keep the coalition on the road.

So McKay is cut loose by his own party while leading DUP MLAs and special advisors are apparently issued with Teflon suits upon arrival at Stormont.

The dirty Nama deal exposed by Spotlight meant that southern tax payers were defrauded of billions – for the betterment of some of those who had caused the banking catastrophe in the first place.

And all apparently facilitated by the leading party in the Executive. Truly, you couldn’t make it up.

The call for an independent all-Ireland enquiry is irrefutable.

For unionists the border may be a barrier to this happening. It wouldn’t be the first time that partition has come to the rescue of unionists under siege from their own working class voters for dodgy shenanigans of one sort or another.

But after all, we already have all-Ireland bodies dealing with issues not remotely as serious as this one.

In the absence of a proper sworn enquiry, the finance committee at Stormont should meet in joint session with the public accounts committee at Leinster house to determine a way forward.

In the mean-time the rest of us should begin organising to overturn the priorities of the present executive and to bring in politics which reflect the interests of people in the bottom half of society and both communities.

Eamonn McCann MLA, Stormont