Edgar Graham was targeted because he backed supergrass trials

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor
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The articles and comments on the murder of Edgar Graham are no doubt historically correct.

The real reason for the murder was that he was the most articulate proponent for supergrass evidence while the Provisional IRA and loyalist paramilitaries were vociferously opposed.

The DUP led by Ian Paisley were also opposed.

Is it any wonder that Paisley found it so comfortable to sit and chortle with Martin McGuinness?

Unfortunately the then lord chief justice took a political decision to acquit defendants where the evidence was from members of the organisation and the result was that on at least one occasion of which I am personally aware a UDR man was shot dead by a Provisional IRA member who had been released only two weeks earlier in a supergrass trial.

The so-called unionists who criticised Edgar Graham for his honourable stand should have been hanging their heads in shame but their hypocrisy knew no bounds as they proved by having the audacity to attend the funeral service.

Lyle Cubitt, Ballymena