Edict is an insult to gay Christians

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Equality, tolerance and understanding of others, no matter what their creed, colour or sexual orientation should be the guiding principals of morality in the 21st century.

The Presbyterian Church general assembly have dragged us back to the 18th century by voting to forbid same sex couples having their children baptised.

The next step might be to say that a child is not worth an education, or hospital treatment, if its parents are not married — and since the Presbyterians have also refused marriage to same sex couples the child will be caught in that pernicious cycle as well.

The doctrinal committee has come to this conclusion based on their interpretation of the Bible, as they are charged with doing, even though this an ancient polemic that offers unsavoury advice on a lot of things that no one in their right mind would inflict on anyone, never mind an innocent child.

Although I regard myself as a humanist, and a gay man, I do sympathise with those committed Christians who happen to be LGBT.

If their Christian profession is to be respected, they are entitled to claim a right to the care of the Presbyterian Church in all its sacraments and ceremonies.

This Presbyterian doctrinal edict smacks of an insult to the ‘gay’ Christians sitting in the next pew — and the shunning of their children.

Richard P Craig, Bangor