Electoral success for UUP


What a great general election result for unionism in general and the Ulster Unionist Party in particular.

Not one of the pundits predicted that they would be returning to the green benches of the House of Commons, and even now there is a sense of begrudgery in many of the comments made by certain pundits.

The fact is a strong and growing Ulster Unionist Party is absolutely essential for the stability of Northern Ireland, and also for the reputation of our region in the rest of the United Kingdom. The DUP have a toxic reputation in many areas and cannot lead unionism.

After years in the relative wilderness, we now have an Ulster Unionist Party worth voting for again. A lot the credit for this must go to the leadership of the party over the past few years. Mike Nesbitt once stated that the party needed to ‘shrink to grow’. He has been proved right and the deadwood and ego trippers are now gone. They have been replaced by a successful team.

If Mike Nesbitt as first Minister? Not such a far-fetched idea now, after all.

Delighted Unionist, By Email