Electoral system is bust


Now that the dust has settled, people are seeing this was a landmark election for Ukip.

I am delighted with Ukip’s support across the United Kingdom with almost four million votes and with Ukip’s performance in Northern Ireland, which put the party in a good position to take Assembly seats in next year’s assembly election.

I want to thank the Northern Ireland electorate for their support and to assure them they will have more chances to vote Ukip in future.

It is an absolute scandal that despite four million votes Ukip only gained one parliamentary seat while the Scottish nationalists, for example, gained 56 seats with just 37 per cent of Ukip’s vote.

To describe the first-past-the-post system as unfit for purpose is an understatement. It is an insult to the British sense of fair play.

Nevertheless, Ukip came second in 120 seats, putting these seats into serious contention for Ukip. Ukip also came third in a further 364 seats.

Given that Ukip is already the UK’s largest party in the EU parliament, Ukip has definitely become Britain’s third party in what is now a multi-party system.

Here in Northern Ireland, Ukip has built a strong platform to go forward into next year’s Assembly election. After last year’s good showing in the EU election, this shows that Ukip is a long-term party and is building in strength and voter support.

Ukip is definitely a party of the future both across the UK and here in Northern Ireland.

David McNarry MLA,

UKIP leader, Northern Ireland