European Union is a creeping empire

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Sammy Wilson MP is not the usual slave to a political party.

As his own man he expresses rightly the need to Leave the European Union. No matter what any MEP tells you to stay In, they do not have the power to overrule a non-elected commission. Comment is made that this creeping empire is not as economically prosperous as those trading outside.

With a declining population they cannot control a massive influx from other nations as we saw police, dogs, razor wire and slum type camps being used. Adults and children losing their lives to reach their land of promise. Having built a massive bureaucratic civil service (jobs for the boys), a troublesome currency, a foreign ministry, increased political unrest with the inability to sign off their accounts, and ambitions to have an army their motives should be suspect.

Being subsumed into a superstate is of major concern regarding the long term future of Britain as well as their crown already subservient to EU laws. It is recently recorded that 50% of EU nations would like their own referendum. EU subsidies have been dangled to woo people, but citizens must look at longer term prospects of growing demand from other members.

Leave is not against the European people but want to be free in a free world.

David Barbour, Coleraine