Evangelical Alliance: McGuinness seemed to have struggled with his own past

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We are praying for the family following the news of Martin McGuinness’s death.

He was a complex character who significantly shaped Northern Ireland as both a senior figure in the IRA and as a politician.

We acknowledge that many will find today difficult given Martin McGuinness’s IRA past. However, we must also remember that he came on a significant journey of peace and reconciliation.

I met Martin on a number of occasions and he talked about his relationship with Ian Paisley, his own faith and his desire for reconciliation.

It is well known that the two prayed together and discussed faith. Martin always seems to have struggled with his own violent past, but he also took the republican movement on a journey away from violence.

Today I pray that Northern Ireland will continue on its journey towards peace and a thriving society.

I pray for the many victims of the Troubles and their relatives.

I pray for Martin’s wife and family. And I pray that during this season of Lent, we will pause to reflect on Jesus’s ultimate act of sacrifice that brings the opportunity of true freedom to everyone.

Peter Lynas, Northern Ireland director, Evangelical Alliance