Everyone has been impacted by the killing of Enda Dolan

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

There can be no one across Northern Ireland who has not been impacted by heartbreak felt by the family of Enda Dolan.

The immense pain felt by that young man’s family brings the devastating consequences of drinking and driving home to every single person.

As a society we must have a zero tolerance approach to those who drink alcohol and then believe they can get into a car.

Those convicted of such an offence deserve to receive a sentence which reflects the seriousness of that crime also. The man who knocked down and killed Enda Dolan was handed down a sentence which will only see him serve three and a half years in prison.

Following this there has rightly been a call for our elected representatives to review the laws governing such offences.

In their conduct and in their legislation, our political parties must take the issue of drink driving seriously.

Paul Rodgers, South Belfast