Exposing a rag bag of Philistine MLAs

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

We all hoped that it had gone away but the vitriol at Stormont was just hidden for a while.

The last few weeks have surely exposed what a rag bag of philistinic MLAs the Northern Ireland electorate are represented by and any statements they have uttered were never more than perfunctory.

Their infantile behaviour over the last few months have been beset by a heating scandal, intransigence, bloody mindedness, acts of contrition on television, complaints about Union Jacks on potato bags and crass ridicule of the Irish language.

It beggars belief that these people ever considered themselves fit for public life.

The election presents an opportunity for them to resign and take up another line of work, but history suggests a return to the miserable status quo.

Wilson Burgess, Londonderry