Failure to agree means the vulnerable suffer


After months without an agreement on welfare reforms, millions of pounds of the Northern Ireland block grant have had to be returned to Westminster.

Those who cannot agree on welfare reforms claim the vulnerable will suffer if benefits are cut.

But what about all the other vulnerable people who are already being affected by cuts because of the failure to agree?

There are drastic cuts to education, social care, health , the environment , the voluntary sector,arts and leisure.

Disability Sports are losing 50 per cent of their budget - are those taking part in disability sports not vulnerable?

Community groups, voluntary sector groups helping the disadvantaged , those working to stop re-offending, those protecting the environment and our natural heritage, those producing arts programmes that improve our mental health and well-being are all facing huge cuts and unemployment for many of their workers.

This is in addition to the many public sector workers who are facing unemployment.

Many vulnerable people will suffer more from these cuts to services than from the proposed cuts in benefits.

Margaret Marshall