Fear not Ashers: Another day is coming when the Divine Judge will hear these matters

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

The judges have considered and delivered their verdict in the McArthur cake case and found the Ashers company guilty of discrimination.

Yet, surely to most reasonable people, their only ‘crime’ was to follow their God-informed conscience?

How ironic that the new inclusive Northern Ireland has become a cold house for those who endeavour to live their lives guided by the word of God.

In that context, one can only marvel at the gracious way in which the McArthur family have conducted themselves throughout this whole saga.

They truly are a credit to the heavenly King they seek to serve.

However, now is not always.

Another day is coming when these matters will be heard again in the heavenly assizes before the Divine Judge.

As the One who defined marriage at the dawn of time, those who surrender to his Kingship in time, in spite of this world’s opposition, can expect an altogether more favourable outcome.

God will yet vindicate Hs faithful people.

William Bennett, Annalong