Fianna Fail criticism of Sinn Fein ‘contrasts with the DUP silence’

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

In the wake of the serious allegations made in the most recent Spotlight programme, it appears there is stronger moral opposition in the Republic, concerning the involvement of Gerry Adams and the IRASF movement in executive government.

As the leader of Fianna Fail, Michael Martin’s recent comments were in stark contrast to the silence of the DUP, and the now familiar tactic of the IRA attacking any source that dares to uncover the dastardly truth of their barbaric crimes against humanity, with accusations of all things, ‘vindictive people’ being blamed.

Mr Martin stated yesterday: “We do not think Sinn Féin is fit for Government. We think their whole modus operandi is wrong, it’s not a democratic party. We are very clear about that.”

What a shame the DUP have neither the morals nor principles to share this viewpoint.

Every day that goes by is a further denial of justice to the thousands of victims of IRA violence, and a further insult to the families who are left sickened by each and every strand of truth slowly unravelling despite the denials and accommodation in executive government of the party of cowardly lying murderers.

Cllr Stephen Cooper

TUV Councillor, Comber