Fire crew rescue plan is a result of amateur budgeting

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The proposed experiment in which Fire and Rescue crews will respond to emergency calls for an ambulance (August 5) is further evidence of ineptitude within our Northern Ireland Executive.

With ambulance calls increasing significantly and fire calls on the decrease, anyone with even a little business acumen would adjust budget allocations accordingly. Not so at Stormont, however.

With the DUP having held the relevant purse strings until recently and Sinn Fein now heading up the Department of Health, we are unlikely to hear any loud noises on this debacle from the major parties. Sadly, our patients will again be the victims of amateur budgeting ‘on the hill’.

With all due respect to our firefighters, if I took ill on Lurgan’s Main Street - or anywhere else for that matter - I would much rather be attended to by a fully qualified Ambulance Service paramedic, than by someone who merely has first aid as a side line.

Tax Payer, Co Londonderry