Flags are not like the historical UVF flags of 1913

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I refer to the article ‘UVF flag historical and not illegal, says council’ (October 18)

The story contained the quotation from Mid and East Antrim Borough Council stating: “Council has taken advice and as far as we can determine the flags shown in this video are historical and not illegal...”

May I respectively point out that the four flags displayed at this band contest bear no resemblance to any historical flag of the UVF of 1913.

None of the UVF 1913 Flags which I have seen have the St George’s Cross in the quadrant.

Rather, they rightly contain the Union Flag.

These flags displayed in Carrickfergus Town Hall would appear to have more in common with the modern UVF flag created by Gusty Spence in Long Kesh.

Clearly Mid and East Antrim Borough Council should take better ‘advice’.

Brian Kennaway, Co Antrim