Flu jab is essential for diabetics

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

As flu season approaches Diabetes UK Northern Ireland is recommending that people with diabetes take up the offer of a free flu jab from their GP.

It is essential everyone with diabetes has the flu jab this winter. People with diabetes are at a greater risk of the flu and this can lead to more severe illnesses, such as pneumonia.

The flu jab is one of 15 healthcare essentials that every person with diabetes is entitled to through the Health Service every year. These include having your blood pressure measured, having your eyes screened for signs of retinopathy and having your feet checked.

Each year the Health Service prepares for the unpredictability of the flu as the influenza virus can change rapidly year-on-year. It is recommended that everyone who is eligible for the flu jab gets vaccinated as soon as possible to avoid getting the illness.

Illnesses like the flu are serious for people with diabetes, so if you have diabetes, please ensure that you take up the offer of the free flu jab and if you have any concerns about receiving the vaccination, speak to your GP or healthcare professional.

For more information about diabetes and flu, please visit our website www.diabetes.org.uk/seasonal-flu

Jillian Patchett, National Director, Diabetes UK Northern Ireland