Foolish to allow more immigrants


New statistics show that 558,000 immigrants came to the UK in 2014.

Up 108,000 on the previous year. Percentage wise it was the third highest in the developed world. Only the Czech Republic and Israel had a higher percentage and both combined only took 70,000 immigrants. It also revealed that 13 per cent of people living in the UK were born abroad.

With a high birth rate among immigrants it is plain to see that the UK has a problem with a rising population and its borders. With other EU countries allowing immigrants to head for richer countries it does not lie well for, jobs, hospitals, housing, schools and the culture of this nation.

With left wing groups calling for the UK to allow more immigrants into the country, it shows how foolish this would be as the nation is struggling already. The country is crying out for a points system for all migrants and a character check to determine if the country will benefit. As Labour started the flood, the Tories have done little to stem the tide.

John, Doagh