Former MLA: I do not think that Brexit will happen

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Yesterday was a great victory for democracy when the courts returned sovereignty to Parliament. For months the Brexiteers have been arguing over sovereignty and how we must return sovereignty to Parliament. The courts have now done this and the Brexiteers moan.

Following the referendum I published an article setting out 10 reasons why Brexit will never happen. ( One of the reasons I gave was that the referendum was advisory only and it would require a vote in Parliament to trigger article 50 which begins the leaving process.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

The courts have confirmed this today and now the sovereign Parliament will have the opportunity to debate the issue and set out the parameters for the negotiations. As more than two thirds of MPs voted to remain they will be able to set down conditions which will restrict a a hard Brexit.

That is only one of the 10 issues which have to be resolved.

The government must deal with potential Scottish Independence, how to retain a no border commitment while thousands of EU citizens continue to flow into Dublin, how to replace passporting rights for UK banks etc.

I support the EU as I believe we have benefitted greatly from 40 years of membership. It has brought unprecedented peace and security to Europe and we have enjoyed a record rise in our standard of living. I actually campaigned against membership in the 1975 referendum but have since realized the benefits greatly outweigh the disadvantages.

When the negotiations are completed in two or three years time I believe public opinion will have changed when we are clearly faced with economic disaster.

The MPs will then have an opportunity to vote on the terms and they will vote to reject it .

MPs were elected to promote the best interests of the UK as a whole and most recognise that breaking away from the single market which takes more than half our exports would be economic folly.

Brexit will not happen.

Brian Wilson, Ex councillor & Green MLA, Retired lecturer in European Studies, Bangor