Foster assisted her political opponents

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

The crocodile jibe is not the only gaffe Mrs Foster should be regretting.

Since becoming party leader she has made a number of blunders which point to the job having gone to her head, leaving her out of her depth, without the political astuteness necessary in an effective leader.

1. Her excessive happiness at Stormont at being sworn in to what was in all but name a joint position suggested she felt she was more important had more power and authority than was the case. On her own she had none.

2. Her antics at the end of the DUP conference for which she had to apologise.

3. Appearing on television claiming that some people were opposed to her because she was the first female leader of Northern Ireland.

Martin McGuinness put paid to that claim and to be fair he gave her every opportunity to retrieve the situation before publicly asking her to temporarily step aside. She should have heeded him.

4. Announcing the start of a brutal election campaign. She was right but not in the way she expected.

It’s hard to see how a party can do well in an election if its leader’s actions are assisting the opposition’s campaign, and perhaps even putting off some in its own pool of supporters from voting.

Mr A Thompson, Dungannon