Foster’s role added to the pressure on her to attend funeral

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I understand the feelings of victims who have not been given the same attention as those who made them such; however I think we need to understand that once in state leadership there are role pressures that may not be in the small print of political agreements but left to the individual’s decision.

Some folks felt annoyed that Arlene Foster attended the funeral mass for Martin McGuinness with whom she shared equal status and decisions for ten years.

What would have been the consequences if she had refused in the full glare of local and world opinion?

Whilst I thought that stepping aside was not the same as standing down; I believed it should have been possible for arrangements for a few weeks similar to how she helped Peter Robinson.

A personal statement along with a short break clarifying her position would have been accepted by most.

If Sinn Fein was setting her up for an election they would have been forced to look for another reason not linked to her refusal.

Again it could have been proposed for both sides to stand aside as a shared office while using temporary replacements.

We also know the journey in our Province from anti-power sharing and anti-British rule knuckle duster bashing evolved to what looked more like shadow boxing once government was established.

Unfortunately it seems the knuckle dusters were under the gloves all of the time – just in case.

David Barbour, Coleraine