Free P minister: ‘Presbyterian Moderator designate is wrong to relish papal meeting’

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Given the recent decision of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland to open up dialogue with the Roman Catholic Church on one of the key doctrines of the Reformation, justification by faith alone, it is hardly surprising to note that their Moderator designate, Rev Charles McMullen, now speaks of “relishing the opportunity of meeting the pope.”

As reformed evangelical Protestants we totally reject the arrogant and, more importantly, unscriptural titles and claims of the pope.

Consequently, we publicly disassociate ourselves from and condemn those church leaders who would welcome and meet him.

By their actions they not only give credence to his spurious claims, but betray the very creeds they once professed to believe, teach and defend.

While we take no pleasure in this proposed visit, it will present us with a challenge to highlight the contrast between the teaching of scripture and the false doctrines of the papacy.

Our supreme aim and overriding concern is to exalt the only King and Head of the church, the Lord Jesus Christ.

To this end we call all people, of all denominations and none, to a personal faith in Christ the Saviour as the only mediator between God and men.

Rev Ian Brown, Clerk, Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster