Gay activists cannot be Christians

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I wish to challenge the claim by some gay activists that they can be Christians.

In Romans 1v26-32 homosexuality is condemned by Paul as ‘vile affections’ and ‘unnatural lusts’.

In Leviticus 18v22 God calls it an ‘abomination’.

Jesus refers to Sodom as an example of God’s judgement (Matthew 11v24) – Sodom being a place where aggressive homosexuality was exhibited (Genesis 19v4-13).

Nowhere in scripture is homosexuality affirmed as being acceptable but instead is something to be repented of (2Corinthians12v21).

Gays and their supporters say the important thing is ‘love’ (see Mr O’Doherty’s letter November 9) and quote 1Peter 4v8. But as correctly noted by Mr Gilpin (November 10) this love is not romantic or sexual love but true Christian agape love which is compassionate and caring as Jesus exemplified and taught.

However, as Jesus said to the adulterous woman, ‘neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more’ – there is always God’s mercy and forgiveness when a sinner repents and turns to Christ.

D.Wilson, Omagh