Gay lobbyists should boycott SF over Putin ties


When Caitriona Ruane of Sinn Fein used the BBC licence fee to announce that she was going to kill the Conscience Clause Bill, the glee of LBGT activists and lobbyists in the TV studio was palpable.

Similarly, the Marxist trade unionists were laughing when Sinn Fein trotted out Euclid Tsakalotos, a representative of their new best friend, Greece’s Syriza, at their party conference.

What the LBGT activists and the militant trade unionists don’t grasp is that Syriza’s other best friend is rabidly homophobic Vladimir Putin.

So, by association, Sinn Fein are best friends with a man who oppresses the Russian LBGT community with vigour.

I wonder if the vociferous LBGT lobbyists and the militant trade unionists will now boycott Sinn Fein until it severs its ties, through Syriza, with Putin.


Co Antrim