Givan was right to reinstate funding for marching bands

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In recent days the usual suspects have criticised the DUP Communities Minister, Paul Givan, for reinstating the £200,000 funding for Musical Instruments for Marching Bands.

I, and indeed many like me, welcome this move by the minister in what is so early in his period of office.

It was a shame and disgrace that Sinn Fein withdrew this funding when they held the DCAL portfolio, while at the same time allocating millions of public money to the Irish Language.

Almost 30,000 people play in marching bands, while little over 4,000 people in Northern Ireland use Irish as their main language.

It is time for some redress to that imbalance of funding, and I congratulate Paul Givan for what is a good first step.

Steven Jenkinson, Moira Road, Lisburn