Going for ‘no deal’ will demonstrate democracy lives on

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

A few facts on the two options as I see them: ie, Deal or No Deal.

The vote next week by the British parliament, to vote for a No Deal or Theresa’s May’s deal, will decide the future of the British people, forever and a day – a very frightening prospect, whatever way one looks at it.

If the result of the vote favours a No Deal, it will then behove our “British” politicians, to start governing as per the result of any election held, no matter who wins it.

A No Deal win would also confirm that British democracy is still alive and kicking.

Should Theresa May’s deal win the vote, the European Union will then be in a position to dictate some frightening prospects for the British people, e.g. Britain will join the EU’s Armed force as envisaged by Messrs Macron and Merkel.

However what worries me most under such circumstances, the European Union will also be free to concoct whatever laws it feel necessary. Britain will be in the minority, and can get out-voted every time.

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin