Graham Craig: It is nonsense to say that you can never militarily defeat an ideology

Ambulances line up near the scene of the Nice attack (AP)
Ambulances line up near the scene of the Nice attack (AP)

Once again scores of innocents are murdered while enjoying the simple pleasures of living in a free a free society. What are we to do?

Already a book of condolence has been opened at City Hall, the building will be illuminated in the colours of the French Tricolore and councillors will express their shock and horror at yet another murderous attack. S

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Sadly however when resolute action against Daesh (Islamic State) is required the usual suspects retreat under their leftist anti-British comfort blanket.

Last November following the decision of the House of Commons to extend military action against Daesh into Syria, they called a special meeting of Belfast City Council simply to condemn an act of British imperialism.

The fight against Daesh will be long and hard, but be under no illusion they will be defeated. Just as surely as free people have always overcome evil ideologies.

Already the military action of our coalition partners has resulted in much territory previously held by Daesh being recovered. Their supply of foreign fighters and sources of finance have been severely curtailed.

In this context attacks in Europe and North America, no matter how horrific, must be seen as a sign of weakness not a sign of strength.

During that debate last November, called by Sinn Fein, an Alliance Party councillor repeated the rather trite mantra ‘that you can not defeat an ideology by military means’.

The nonsense of this view was clearly demonstrated by the allied troops that stood in the rubble of Berlin in May 1945.

Those who oppose the actions of our brave airmen in the skies over Iraq and Syria, whether they be Jeremy Corbyn, Sinn Fein, or the Alliance Party at City Hall, should hang their heads in shame.

Graham Craig, UUP councillor, Belfast City Hall

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