Grammar schools are free to enter

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In response to Ben Lowry’s column on Wednesday, December 9.

The fact that correlation does not inherently equal causation would appear to be an idea critics of academic selection have difficulty with.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

In regards to the leaked Iliad report those such as Sinn Fein’s Chris Hazzard mention it “highlighting the damage academic selection has” yet the report does not seem to directly mention academic selection as causing harm. Hence why there have likely been no quotations of how the report’s findings supposedly warrant the abolition of grammar schools. Considering solely the facts wherein working-class Catholics supposedly outperform Protestant counterparts, there is no direct link to academic selection.

The report says “access to the best education is too often determined by socio-economic status”. But grammar schools, like ordinary secondary schools, are free to enter. Indeed the doubling of children sitting AQE tests that avail of free school meals would run counter to this notion.

Equally with academic selection being a potential reason for Northern Ireland outperforming countries s in exam performance it is a powerful asset for this province’s future that is in danger.

It is inconceivable that Northern Ireland is crying out for a more business and entrepreneur based population, yet there are many that seek to stifle the means of which such things are created.

Daniel Ramsey-Silkowski, Ballymena