Grammar schools beat English system

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I was delighted to read (June 1) that Education Minister Peter Weir will thwart Sinn Fein’s plans to impose upon our young people a pale copy of the failed English one-size-fits-all comprehensive system.

Thankfully, young people from all social backgrounds will continue to be able to access a grammar school education rather than be faced with they type of social selection by bank balance which exists in England.

One wonders, however, about the continued use of the term “unregulated tests”.

As a parent of two children who sat AQE assessment I detected a high level of satisfaction with the three paper system operated by that organisation.

It certainly seems to have attracted less criticism than the previous remit of the qualifications regulator Ofqual.

It now regulates itself. If the term “unregulated tests” is to be applied to the assessments offered by AQE, then surely that same term should be applied to the GCSEs and A levels offered by CCEA.

Alison Logan, Belfast BT9