Having once filled hospitals with terror victims, republicans will not worry if destabilising NI impacts on waiting lists

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It has been clear for months that the DUP are prepared to concede the Sinn Fein demand of an Irish language act.

Yet republicans continue to refuse to form an executive. Why?

Because as serious as an Irish language act would be, Sinn Fein see the current deadlock, (a product of the flawed system the DUP signed up to which gives them a veto on devolution), as a way of feeding their mantra that Northern Ireland is a “failed political entity” and the only answer is Irish unity.

It is all the more distasteful when the £170 million already allocated to Irish language is conveniently ignored and deemed to be insufficient, all whilst our NHS is deteriorating at disturbing levels.

Having filled hospitals for years by way of the bomb and the gun republicans aren’t going to worry about lengthening waiting times.

It’s long past the stage where people woke up to this uncomfortable reality.

Stephen Cooper, Councillor, Comber