He defended us from the bullies

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Yesterday morning I wept with sadness as I heard that Martin Mc Guinness had died.

As someone who was reared in Co Down and heard from my parents and also witnessed the intransigence and hostility of the British government and its bully boys, the unionists who would not have a “Catholic about the place”, Martin Guinness and other women and men stood up to defend us and by their sheer determination the British started talking and we know and see the consequences today of what Martin and many others did.

He was a beacon of light and had ‘Way about him’ that softened your initial hostility to him, the qualities of leadership.

He will be missed. I will miss him.

Let’s build on what Martin has been trying to do for over forty years a new Ireland, a shared Ireland. A Socialist republic.

May he rest in Peace.

Paul Doran, Dublin 22