Holiday trains are full once again

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Once again it is Don Quioxte time for that well subsidized organisation Translink. Claiming to be chivalrous and idealistic but in fact foolish and impractical.

On Tuesday morning August 16th I went to board the 11.33 train from Derry/ Londonderry to Portrush only to be confronted by many families unable to gain entrance to the station due to the large number of people wanting to travel. Eventually we were informed by a member of staff that the train was already full and we had the choice of waiting two hours for the next train or going home.

Moved by the disappointment on the faces of the children I suggested to a member of staff to contact Translink and request a bus to transport the families with children to Portrush.

This he did, but with their superficial interest in customer service Translink had neither a bus or a plan B to offer.

Incensed by their indifference to the plight of the children I telephoned Translink Head office and asked to speak to CEO Mr Conway. I may as well have been asking to speak to the Dali Lama. After experiencing what can only be described as ‘pass the parcel by telephone’ all I ended up with was a promise that my complaint would be logged and I should hear from Translink within fifteen days.

Is no one responsible for this organisation masquerading as a fit for purpose public transport service?

Wilson Burgess, Londonderry