Hopes raised, then dashed over Libya-IRA compensation

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

I read with interest your piece (May 31) in which Willie Frazer, with regard to the protracted Libya/Semtex compensation issue, claimed that “very reliable sources” had intimated to him that progress was being made.

In 2009, Mr Frazer made a similar claim. Also, in October 2011, Mr Frazer was quoted in The Times newspaper and on exaronews.com as saying “part A of the deal has been confirmed, the compensation to the UK victims named on the writ”.

I also recall instances where Mr Frazer has appeared in the News Letter claiming he will sue senior republicans or go to Tripoli unless progress is made on the issue.

To date, the victims haven’t received a penny.

Has Mr Frazer sued anyone? I am sure the victims have become tired of the crying wolf on the issue. Indeed, with reference to latest claim, I note that a senior Libyan government minister, Ahmed Maetig, wrote a piece for the Libya Herald on June 3 in which he makes specific reference to the claims, and swiftly rubbishes them.

So, please, before you give column inches to this, consider the track record and the effect that this nonsense has on actual victims, getting their hopes up, only to be swiftly dashed.

AJM, Belfast