How about border just for unionists?

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

According to Alex Kane (‘Hard or soft, no-one knows what border will look like’, News Letter, September 17), the border is “a border in name only”.


Why does it still exist? Does the separate unionist state/entity exist in name only? Why are unionists insisting that the border must be maintained at all costs?

He concluded: “At this point the border solution seems to be somewhere between the views of Theresa May and the European Research Group. I’m not persuaded that’s a particularly comfortable place for unionists to be.”

Perhaps the solution would be a border strictly for unionists. Why inflict it on other people? That’s been the basic problem since Britain’s 1920 Partition of Ireland Act, from which all our troubles flow. It’s time to give ourselves a break.

Malachy Scott, Belfast, BT15