How does ‘new unionism’ sit with sectarian pacts?

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

Whilst I can see why Philip Smith (ex-UUP MLA) wants to widen the appeal of the union, which he calls “new unionism” [The narrow outlook of unionism is self-defeating’, December 30] to embrace middle ground voters, he fails to explain how that approach sits with sectarian pacts come election time.

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I suggest that many of those in the imagined community of the middle ground are more likely to identify with a vision of people working together to develop trust and govern fairly rather than with a unionism redefined.

Especially if you advocate reaching out one day and pressing the sectarian button the next.

The recipe for stability I suggest is a cross-community approach in which priority is given to reconciliation.

With political will to take this forward we could avoid the present endless, circular red lines which are getting us nowhere.

Patricia Mallon, Belfast BT9