How will SF fund their utopia?


I was really amazed at the arrogance of Sinn Fein in their election broadcast.

Their promises of no ‘Tory Cuts’. Their bleeding hearts for the disabled was remarkable as they helped to make victims and rob families of bread-winners while destroying job-creating businesses.

And yet thousands are expected to turn out and support them without a blush. They have not fully explained how they would raise enough wealth to manage the utopia of a United Ireland.

Perhaps they envisage fleecing the rich, but wealth creators are required to boost the economy.

A businessman from Scotland told me that the SNP based their prophetic fortunes on a high oil price income. However, when oil prices fell so did the predicted estimates.

I would hope that some thinking voters in the non-unionist camp will see through the straw men held up by their leaders.

They accept money from the UK every day of their lives.

If they did reach their vision we would have ‘Republican Cuts’

David Barbour