Humanity the loser in EU mess

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Never in my eighty years on this earth, have I witnessed such a collective, diabolical, shambolic charade of governing, as that which is going on between the prima donna political members of the European Union.

Each one of them, staggering about in a drunken-like fashion, hopping from one failed snap decision to another, with humanity being the greatest loser.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the editor

Come to Europe was their cry, with no expense spared, from the coffers of the tax paying public, to encourage not thousands, but millions of people, of differing race, religion and ethnic groups, all, without exception, given an open invitation to come to Europe.

No qualifications, nor skills were required, you can even bring your aged and infirm relations, or whoever else you can think of, they will all be entitled to every social facility that is available.

Needless to say, no other enticement was necessary, the people arrived in their millions, skilled and unskilled, qualified and unqualified, as well as the criminal elements, drug dealers, pimps, brothel keepers, all flocked overnight to their utopian dream.


Well, the welcome cup of Europe has overflowed, and now, not only is there a log-jam of humanity in Greece, Turkey, Syria, along with those caught in the middle, where the only thing they can see now, is barriers of razor sharp wire, armed guards and tear gas canisters, preventing them access to their promised land.

Bad as their situation now is, the refugee/migrant situation has deteriorated further.

Turkey who has been trying to gain entry to the European Union for years, it is now in the process (metaphorically speaking) of blackmailing the European Union, to not only pay them billions of taxpayers Euros, to assist solving the present migrant crisis, but also guaranteeing Turkey’s entry to the European Union.

Ironically, this debacle of EU government, is what Messrs Cameron and Co want the people of Britain to vote to remain in, not only displays an arrogance beyond belief and incredulity, if they think the people of Britain are that stupid.

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin