I agree with Jim Allister on gay pardons

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

It is not often that I stand in agreement with Jim Allister but when he wrote in the News Letter (October 31) that people who had sex with 16-year-olds in the 50 years before the introduction of the Sexual Offences NI Order 2007 should be pardoned, I must agree.

I hope he will stand with me on making sure that both this injustice and the homosexual offences of all types which were illegal in totality before 1982. Then below 21 until 1994, below 18 until 2001 and then below 17 until equality finally came into play in 2009.

If he does stand with me on this then it will be a big day in Northern Irish politics.

I’m all for equality and it good to see Jim Allister finally talking about it.

I look forward to him also recognising my aim for marriage equality which allows faith groups to follow the practise as they believe it. On that day it will be a true sign that he gets what equality is about.

Stephen Glenn, Chair Northern Ireland Liberal Democrats