I am Christian and an Alliance member

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

In reference to a Ronnie Crawford’s letter (‘Alliance does not want a Christian about the place,’ February 9), I am a Christian and an elected representative for Alliance.

I understand the tension of understanding Christian beliefs and living in the world were the majority of people do not subscribe to Christian ethics.

Christians can also disagree with each other but that does not mean one is more correct than the other, it means we are brothers in Christ who see the world and understand faith differently. But the love of Christ means we respect each other.

The letter mentioned the Alliance’s position on equal marriage, which is one the party discussed and developed to its present position.

It is one which contains protections for faith groups but also gives people the freedom to marry whom they love.

This is a position I am happy with as faith is protected and the rights of equality are respected.

Perhaps if the author of the letter read his Bible more, he would come to that realisation as well.

David Armitage, Councillor, Belfast