I commend the various events that are being held examining Martin Luther’s legacy

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

I believe the Bible to be the Word of God written.

Accordingly, I find myself in no disagreement with the Rev Angus Stewart in the revised list of doctrines to which he holds, or in the attenuated list of doctrines which he rejects (‘An example of compromise and fudge in Irish Presbyterianism,’ Sep 12) and nor would Martin Luther, when his theology had matured: mostly.

The Westminster Divines worked for years to produce the clear reflections of Biblical doctrine which are upheld as ‘subordinate standards’ by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

Martin Luther was a great man of God but his writings do not agree with all their conclusions. He approved some doctrines which they rejected, disagreed with some which they affirmed and was not personally the ‘plaster saint’ which some imagine him to be.

If Luther were alive today, many who now claim him for themselves would condemn those who shared a platform with him.

While I respectfully decline to enter into a prolonged debate with the Rev Stewart, I commend the various events examining Luther’s legacy, organised by the church to him for his further information.

I am proud of my association with Union Theological College as both a student and a teacher.

I recommend that excellent institution to your readers but I have never been a ‘Professor’ of any kind there, as stated by the Rev Stewart. While I support UTC, I do not speak for it.

Mark Wilson, Minister of Cremore, Fourtowns and Poyntzpass