I feel sick at how we allow this terrorism

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor

Yet again I see and hear on the television that another Islamic terrorist act has been carried out in London, resulting (so far) in seven people dead and 20+ injured.

I ask what government can allow this to happen?

When will the government take off its kid gloves, and tackle the problem in a manner that produces results?

We hear that the MI5 (and/or other security service) have up to 300 Islamic suspects on their files.

How many of these are illegal immigrants?

If so then those that are must be deported immediately.

As for those other so-called British citizens, who left Britain to fight for their chosen Islamic cause, basic common sense would dictate that they must be denied re-entry to Britain.

I ask, what country on this earth, would permit a serving soldier be butchered on the Queen’s highway, in broad daylight by two terrorists, televised live and watched globally by millions ?

Today these two terrorists are in prison, having the comforts of central heating, wholesome cooked meals (that many poor working class British citizens could not afford), never mind retiring to a dry warm bed.

This ensures that they will never be inhumanely butchered, like those poor innocent souls who went to a concert to enjoy themselves.

I just feel sick at how we are being governed.

Harry Stephenson, Kircubbin, Co Down