I salute the British Army who served


In reference to James Leatherbarrow’s letter (August 6), I greatly admire the British Army personnel who served here during the Troubles and did their job in extreme circumstances with distinction. However, questions need to be answered about the actions of some at various times, including Bloody Sunday and Ballymurphy.

I support the Ballymurphy families in their campaign for justice and I also support the relatives of those who died in IRA atrocities such as Ballygawley, Kingsmills and all other terrible crimes in our sad history.

If prosecutions are possible and convictions obtained (Mr Leatherbarrow – you can only be convicted if proven guilty) it will help bring closure to families and I will be pleased to see justice take its course.

The pursuit of justice must be a major part of our dealing with the past. In the case of soldiers, I do not make a comparison between the legal forces of the state and terrorists, but if an inquiry into Ballymurphy does take place and indicates that, as with Bloody Sunday just a few months later, state forces acted unlawfully, that situation has to be acknowledged and dealt with.

If Mr Leatherbarrow has found offence in extracts from what I said during a panel discussion I regret that.

I have no wish to diminish the debt we all owe to the vast majority of Army personnel who served here with the utmost restraint and professionalism.

Trevor Lunn, Alliance MLA