I still believe people will reject Brexit when they come to see the costs

Letters to editor
Letters to editor

I find Ian Paisley MP’s comments on Brexit disappointing but predictable (‘Stop pussyfooting around Dublin, says Paisley,’ Nov 29).

He adopts the traditional DUP diversion tactic.

Instead of dealing with the problems created by Brexit he ignores them and instead attacks the Irish government which he knows will delight his supporters.

I find it sad that there are so many people in Northern Ireland who are still conned by the DUP campaign on Brexit.

When will they realise the economic folly of this decision?

Indeed I know of a number of leading DUP members who recognised this and voted to Remain in the referendum.

Surely the decisions by Her Majesty’s Government to continue to allow European Union immigration, to accept a limited role for the European Court of Justice and to pay a divorce bill of £50 billion is not what they were promised or what they voted for.

In addition when will farmers recognise that 80% of their income comes from European Union, firms are already relocating to Dublin, and new investment will not come to Northern Ireland as it is outside the single market?

I still believe that when the public see the full implications of Brexit and realise the promises given by the Brexiteers were fantasy and when the final deal comes to parliament the MPs will reject it.

My arguments are at the following web page: http://www.northdownindependent.com/10-reasons-why-brexit-will-not-happen/

Brian Wilson, Former lecturer on European Business, Alliance Party councillor and first Green Party MLA, Bangor