I too suffered abuse from Celtic fans

The Old Firm game on Saturday
The Old Firm game on Saturday

I am writing with regards to the letter (September 13) regarding the conduct of football fans of Celtic Football Club on an easyJet flight from Glasgow to Belfast last Saturday, following the Old Firm football match in the city.

By coincidence I am a Rangers fan but I was in Scotland for another reason and I was not wearing any colours.

Letters to Editor

Letters to Editor

Prior to the flight departure, I was challenged in the public toilets at Glasgow Airport by a man in Celtic colours who would later be on the same flight as myself, to identify whether or not I supported a team or identified with a particular religious grouping.

Following this, I was aggressively told to “Crawl back under the F**king rock I came from”.

Moreover, as a passenger on the flight I was disgusted at the conduct of a group of the supporters.

The supporters were clearly under the influence of alcohol and were consistently abusive, offensive and disruptive for the duration of the flight.

I find this behaviour and glorification of terrorism unacceptable, given that this is a public flight with many younger children on board.

I must commend the actions of the flight crew in attempting to deal with such issues, however much of it was out of their personal control.

I find it even more repulsive, that a fan openly boasted regarding a prison sentence in HMP Maghaberry, as well as chanting: “I hope he dies in his sleep Nacho Novo, I hope he dies in his sleep I pray.”

This is particularly concerning, given that on the same evening it came apparent that Nacho Novo had received a death threat from Dissident republicans in Northern Ireland.

There were other Celtic fans on the flight who seemed to be appalled at the actions of a small minority of their fellow supporters.

Andrew H, Bangor