I want to quit Labour over Corbyn


The recent backing for Mr Corbyn - by different trade unions – for the Labour leadership has made it very difficult for unionist people to remain within the movement in Northern Ireland.

In the past, the trade unions have been hijacked by the far left and republican activists.

Unions such as Unite in Northern Ireland are now part of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions rather than linked with those unions on the mainland.

As a part of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland should be linked with the rest of the United Kingdom.

We have seen the support and rallies in Belfast by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions in support of the Palestinian cause and their support for homosexual marriage.

I do not believe that this is the function of the union because not all members support these causes.

Their recent support for an individual who has supported, and still does support, those who for years held our country to ransom through terrorism is a utter disgrace.

Corbyn invited the IRA to the Commons weeks after the Brighton bombing.

This was not the only incident were he showed support for republicans. As a union member and shop ex-steward most of my working life, I am considering doing what some of my colleagues have done already: resign my position as a member.

John, Doagh